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My Annual Report

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My Annual Report


In addition to share marketing, we concentrate on developing and maintaining the Deutsche EuroShop brand. Our goal is to further increase the awareness and recognition value of the brand. Deutsche EuroShop is an established brand for an investment in shopping centers.

“The shades of Passau” advertisement series

In 2009 we made use of the many different shades of colour that adorn the façade of the Stadt-Galerie Passau for our advertisement motifs, such as “Der Dritte Ort” and “Dividende gut, alles gut”. With these we emphasised our successful business performance in specialist publications. The placement of our image and financial advertising was highly target-group-oriented and designed to coincide exactly with the publication of our current financial figures.

Website with stable hit rates

Site visitors per month

Our accessible website proved to be extremely popular again in 2009, even though last year’s peak figures were not reached. Our Internet presence can be found at

Media Attention up slightly

Trend in media presence

Deutsche EuroShop is still enjoying a strong media presence. It is primarily business and financial journalists that regularly write about our Company. In addition, diverse television and radio channels as well as online publications all devoted reports and interviews to Deutsche EuroShop. The print circulation of these media increased by around 5% from 27.6 million in the previous year to 28.9 million copies and the equivalent advertising value through reports in newspapers and magazines rose from around €4.3 million to almost €4.5 million (up 5%).

Social Media

Everyone is talking about social media. For many years we have shown ourselves to be open to technical innovations and use these actively to supply our investors and interested parties with news and supplementary information about Deutsche EuroShop. Perhaps we can establish contact with you through one or more of these platforms too – we would be delighted to see you there:

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